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Welcome to, a website helping people on their path ... through the experience of Mindfulness.  On these pages, you'll learn more about Mindfulness, as well as a simple approach that you can follow to experience it for yourself.

While most people are aware of three states of consciousness (sleep, dream, awake), higher states of consciousness do exist.  Most world religions, in fact, accept that higher states of consciousness exists. 

Some flavors of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, for example, openly acknowledge nine states of consciousness (the nine Yanas), and use meditation and yoga as approaches to reach the goals of Enlightenment and Satori.  

Jewish & Christian traditions also reference higher states of consciousness through their mystical traditions, although some of these have been reserved for religious leaders and/or lost to history.  For example ...

    "For the Church's first sixteen centuries Contemplative Prayer was the goal of Christian spirituality. After the Reformation, this living tradition was virtually lost. Today, with cross-cultural dialogue and historical research, the recovery of the Christian contemplative heritage has begun." -- Father Thomas Keating

While approaches and terminology may differ, the various world religions all share common descriptions of higher states of consciousness.  Mindfulness is one of those states -- the state of consciousness where you're able to watch your mind as it directs your actions.

Unfortunately, it can take years of practice using approaches like Yoga, Meditation, and Centering Prayer to attain this state. This is one reason that religions came into being.  It allows the uninitiated to learn fundamental truths about reality, without having to experience the realizations directly.  

It's also the reason that most religious traditions agree that you are more than just a body -- that you are more than just a mind -- that you also have a soul/spirit/life force.  

When you step out of your mental processes, and observe your mind in action, you will have a direct experience of these truths.  You will have had an experience of Mindfulness.

To learn more about Mindfulness, and how you can experience it for yourself, please see An Approach to Mindfulness


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